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Sorry but i still cant acess my tumblr :’(

Going to send a mail to hotmail today. Miss all of u and your beautiful blogs!

Still cant acess my hotmail or tumblr on the computer so im thinking bout making a new tumblr… will lose like 12 k followers but atleast I can do what i love c:

I cant remember my password to tumblr. So cant log in on the computer. I cant even remember my password to my email its coneccted to. Gaaaaaah…. i cant handle this. I want my tumblr on the computer back!!!!
So… not exactly any big updates right now :’

Still hospitalized. But I dont think I have much time left here. I feel aaaalot better and will be home soon for more posts. I hope that atleast. Its been to long time here but I’m goin home for two hours today. So happy! Finally home to my lovely bf.

I’m so happy for all the support. Thank you all! Stay strong everybody. Xxx

Still at the psyciatric hospital now after 7 weeks.. uuuugh. So thats why i cant check out your blogs when u message me. I hope you all have a wonderful time!

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